Usian Bolt Tells Justin Gatlin To Naturalize As Jamaican To Avoid Taxes

In the wake of reports on the huge taxes that the U.S olympians are yet to be slapped with, the world’s fastest runner Usain Bolt has added his voice to the numerous verbal lashes been directed to the United States government.

According to Usain Bolt, Gatlin is always welcomed to naturalize as a Jamaican in order to avoid taxes on his silver and bronze medals.

“Every country has its own laws and I cannot tell the U.S to abolish the laws that have existed for years. But all what I can tell my bro Gatlin is to come over and be a Jamaican. I pay no taxes on my medals and he could also enjoy same on his Silver and Bronze medals” – Bolt said.

There are reports that the United States Olympics team have rejected all the medals they won due to the accompanied heavy taxes.

The U.S team won 121 medals; 46 gold, 37 silver and 38 bronze medals.

According to the IRS, the athletes are to pay hundred thousands in taxes for their medals won for themselves and the country.

It has been eavesdropped that the team may not participate in subsequent Olympics games.