Secretary of Foreign Affairs Sacked For Issuing Passports to 177 Indonesians

Perfecto Yasay Jr has been taken off his post as the Secretary of Foreign Affairs after his outfit issued over 177 Filipino passports to Indonesians.

Perfecto has spent less than two months in office as the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and according to President Duterte, if Perfecto has been able to issue over 177 passports to Indonesians in barely two months in office, the he would be issuing millions of passports of he’s left to be at post for years.

Unable to speak Tagalog or any local dialect, 177 Indonesian nationals who posed as Filipinos and possessed Philippine passports were barred by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) yesterday from boarding their flight to Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

The interception of the 177 individuals prompted airport officials to tighten security due to intelligence reports that international terrorists were planning to enter the country through Mindanao and conduct bomb attacks.

In a statement, BI Commissioner Jaime Morente said their Intelligence Division was originally just on the lookout for two Filipinos allegedly acting as escorts to a group of Indonesians scheduled to depart on Aug. 18 and yesterday.

Perfecto Yasay Jr. is a lawyer and current Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines. He is a former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and was Bangon Pilipinas Party’s vice-presidential bet in the 2010 Philippine elections, running alongside Eddie Villanueva. He accepted the offer of President Rodrigo Duterte to join his Cabinet on May 18, 2016 and grabbed the position of Secretary of Foreign Affairs in June 2016.