BREAKING NEWS: United States Insists on Philippines’ Alliance

The United States of America has through its State Department warned the President of Philippines Rodrigo Duterte about his push for a separation from the United States.

In a statement read by John Kerry on behalf of Barack Obama, alliance that exists between the two countries is a U.S – Philippines and not U.S – Duterte.

“Duterte is free not to deal with the United States but he’s warned not to attempt to destroy the alliance citizens of both nations have been enjoying for ages” – John Kerry read.

The U.S.-Philippine alliance is not an agreement between the government of the United States and President Rodrigo Duterte. It is a compact between the people of our two countries. Alliances are built on shared interests, but they are strengthened by shared history and values. The Philippines and the United States have all three in spades, War-on-rocks noted.

The alliance, formalized in the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty, was forged in the shared sacrifices of World War II and continued through wars in Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq, as well as the global fight against jihadist terrorism.

It evolved from its Cold War roots, through the lean years between the ouster of U.S. forces from bases in the Philippines in 1992 and the signing of the Visiting Forces Agreement in 1998, to a decade-and-a-half of joint operations against terrorists in the southern Philippines, and now a shared commitment to counter the maritime coercion Beijing has brought to bear against Filipino troops and civilians in the South China Sea.