BREAKING: Malema Returns to ANC to Contest Nkosazana

Julius Malema, flag bearer of the EFF and former youth president of the ANC Youth League who was suspended for 5 years says he is almost done serving his suspension and  returning back to the ANC to contest Nkosazana who has been tipped to replace Jacob Zuma.

“I was suspended. I wasn’t sacked. I’m done serving my suspension and I’m returning to contest for presidency on ANC’s ticket” – Malema told the media.

The mercurial, bewildering and outrageous leading young politician appeared finished in 2011 when he was axed by the governing party.

Julius Malema was suspended for five years from the African National Congress, meaning he must step down as president of the ANC youth league, the party’s disciplinary committee ruled.

The maverick had called for the overthrow of the “puppet regime” in neighbouring Botswana, unfavourably compared South Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma, to his predecessor, Thabo Mbeki, and stormed uninvited into a meeting of senior ANC officials – all this despite being anointed by Zuma as a potential future president. He was found guilty of sowing divisions and bringing the over 100-year-old party into disrepute.

It is currently not known if Malema would collapse his EFF while fighting to be on ANC’s ticket.