Asians are a step away in traveling to the United States without Visas | Thanks to the Filipino President

WASHINGTON — The secretary of the United States Department of State, John Kerry has announced that the United States has decided on a bilateral visa policy with Asia.

This swift decision was taken by the United States after the President of the Philippines cancelled the visa-free travel enjoyed by Americans to the Philippines.

According to the U.S Secretary of State, the country has scheduled to meet leaders of the various Asian countries to delibrate and sign the bilateral visa policy agreement.

As soon as the agreement is signed, all nationals of Asian countries would no longer require visas when visiting the United States and the vice versa.

Speaking to the Filipino community in Beijing, Mr. Duterte spoke about his effort to get a visa to visit his girlfriend in the United States when he was in college.

He said the US consul asked him: What if you decide to marry and stay there?

“[I said] Mr. Consul, even if you offer me free missiles for a lifetime and even if you offer me $10,000, I’ll still return to my country and be a Filipino,” he said, drawing applause from his audience.

The filipino president has taken a great move for the entire Asian continent.

Featured Photo credit: KPMG