22 People Arrested In Philippines For Attempted Coup While President is on State Visit in Japan

The Philippines National Police Chief has said on Thursday morning that 22 people have been formally arrested and remanded in custody for failed coup attempt, while another a search has been launched for 6 who are at large.

In a statement issued by the Philippines National Police and signed by the Police Chief Mr Dela Rosa, an unknown group wanted to take advantage of the President’s trip to Japan to unseat him through a coup d’etat.

“We are alert and very vigilant and would not spare anyone who tries to take our country back” – the statement added.

Since ascending to power this year, President Rodrigo Duterte has been criticized by section of the Filipino citizens for his style of cracking down on drugs through extrajudicial killings. Though the majority of the people of Philippines are backing him, the few wish him ousted.

This is not the first coup attempt in the Philippines. In February 24, 2006, the Philippines came under a state of emergency after the government claimed that it foiled an alleged coup d’état attempt against the rule of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo earlier that same day.

From 1986 to 1987, there were six plots to overthrow Philippine President Corazon Aquino involving various members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. A significant number of the military participants in these attempts belonged to the Reform the Armed Forces Movement (RAM), while others were identified loyalists of former President Ferdinand Marcos, who had been deposed in the People Power Revolution in late February 1986.